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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Dark Elves Spearmen and Repeater Crossbows

Some shots of my Dark Elf force, this army has been reasonably successful, and this is with it using a Black Dragon as a mount for the Dark Elf General. Depsite putting mega pts into this arrangement it seems to work. The army colours use an antique gold for the helments and extra metal fittings with a purple for cloth. Also have leather details in a creamy leather for that flayed looked.
Dark Elf Warhammer Spearmen

The Dark Elves Spearmen unit uses a mix of figures, there are some older metal figures in there for most of the spearmen, the champion and the musician, whilst there are also a few of the newer plastic figures. I also used a mix of shield designs, some hand painted and some with plastic skulls, but all using the skull motif.Dark Elf REpeater Crossbow UnitThe Repeater Crossbow Dark Elves also use a mix of metal and plastic figures, tied together with the same colour scheme. The unit has no standard but does have a musician.

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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Averland Empire Helblaster

Empire Helblaster My take on the old style Helblaster, ie metal with crew including the Leonardo type figure and what I think is an excellent Gun Captain and the big feather and flouncy stuff fits Averland style much better.

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Sunday, 27 July 2008

Philips Digital Photo Frames

I have added the Philips Digital Photo Frame page to the online store. There are four pages of Philips Digital Photo frames with a variety of photo frame sizes from 10" to 7" frames. Philips photo frames are high quality products with excellent pixel quality. Below is the Philips 8FF3FPB

Philips Digital Photo Frame 8 inch size

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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Slannesh Chaos Marauder Minis

Chaos Marauders of Slannesh
Old Citadel Barbarians or Norsemen from around 1986 which I now use in my Slannesh Chaos army as Chaos Marauders. This was before they got rid of the combined Chaos force with the release of Chaos Daemons. Talk about a backward step.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Different Empire Halberdier Generations

First generation of Empire army with halberdiers which had metal halberds that you had to put in. I think they are from the Medievals range by Citadel, so from early 1980's

Citadel Medieval Miniatures2nd generation halberdiers, now painted in clear Averland colours following the release of the first Empire army book which had pics of all the main states. I chose Averland because of the strong contrast and Black Fire Pass Guard, which sounded cool. Also close to the Moot so I could use Halflings and close to the Mts so I could use Imperial Dwarves. I have some of those coming up. From the Battle Masters figures I think.
Battle Master plastic figuresCurrent generation of Halberdiers and these are a bit old, head swap on the plastic figure to make him more presentable. Metal figure in full flouncy bits and big Averland feather, and a really old Moon Duke.

Averland halberdiers, WarhammerLatest Halberidiers that I have, though I realise that there is a generation after this. But the figures are getting so big. Those Militia figures which came from Mordheim were out of proportion and now it looks as if they have followed that up, hence the problem that people are having with head swaps etc.
Empire Games Workshop Troops

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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Averland and Empire Old and New Army Pics

Having posted on forums with some pics of my Averland General, then someone asked about old figures, so I had a rummage around for some. These are probably some of the earliest that I have that were used in an army when Warhammer 1st edition came out, as opposed to DandD figures. I still have the boxed set upstairs. They were from the Dark Ages range that Citadel Produced some time late 70's to early 80's. Worked as bowmen quite well and probably still could use them as Kislev troops.

Slav, Dark Ages Bowmen or Kislev Bowmen
This is my current Averland Empire Halberdiers (just a sample) with the Moon Duke as champion. Metal halberdier and then a plastic one with a head swap to make him stand out from the crowd. .

These are some of my current Averland greatswords. They include one of the F5 Paladins from 1986 (on right). I used a bronze armour on these guys. Rather than a simple steel plate armour.
Averland Empire Greatswords

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